Loving your Speedplay pedals?

You can now upgrade your Speedplay pedals with power meter and avoid having to switch to a different pedal and cleat system.

High-end pedal

Speedplay are great high-end pedals. By upgrading them with power meter your avoid switching to different mid-end or low-end pedals to get a pedal power meters for your bicycle.

Easy to move

Having your power meter in the pedals makes it easy to move between bicycles. It is kompatible with all crank sets making it possible to have one power meter for multiple bicycles: Road, Time trail, MTB etc.

Weight saver

The Speedplay power meter commes with Titanium spindles. This gives you a 40% weight reduction over the standard CrMo spindle and turn your basic Speedplay pedals into titanium versions.

Speedplay power meter

Are you looking for a pedal power meter solution and unwilling to settle for less than high-end pedals?

With this power meter you simply replace the original pedal spindle on your Speedplay pedals.

The housing can be placed on the back side of your pedal arm for protection.

The design of the power meter makes it possible to move between bicycles in minutes.

The power meter has re-chargeable battery with 60-100 hours of riding depending on your activity level.

Titanium spindles turns your basic Spedplay pedals into the light weight league among pedals.

PowerAxl has created the option to easily upgrade your Speedplay pedals with power meter. This gives you the benefits of keeping your high-end pedal and cleat system and a power meter you can easily move between bikes.

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