Why this power meter?

The only power meter that does not limit your choice in bicycle or components.


The PowerAxl power meter works with any bicycle, crank system and pedals. No need to compromise bicycle or components because of power meter. Even compatible with future equipment.


The PowerAxl power meter can be moved between bicycles quickly and easily. Whether you have a race bike, time trial bike, mountain bike, city bike etc. you only need 1 power meter with PowerAxl.


The PowerAxl power meter is small and works with any crank system and pedals. Bring it with you on holiday and rent a bicycle regardless of type and components.


How to use it

The PowerAxl power meter is the first universal bicycle power meter on the market.
It is designed specifically for compatibility with any bicycle frame, crank system, pedal type and bicycle computer.
It fits on all bikes and can be easily moved between bicycles regardless of type e.g. road bike, TT bike or MTB.
With the PowerAxl power meter you only need one power meter for all your bicycles.

The PowerAxl power meter works by inserting a short axel
between the pedal arm and pedal.
The left side is mandatory, but right side is optional.

A wire connects the axel to a small plastic housing that is fastened
to the pedal arm with rubber rings. The plastic housing can be fitted both
on the front and back of the pedal arm.

The power meter is ANT+ compatible and works with ANT+ computers.
It runs on a CR2032 battery that is easily changed
with a finger operated open and close mechanism.

The power meter is configured using a two button system
as part of the installation procedure.
The configuration needed is length of pedal arm and width of the pedals.

The power meter firmware can be updated over the ANT+ interface.

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